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An opportunity to invest, own and live in a community in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Committed to COmmunity

Located in an under-supplied market, this community offers a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity that provides social impact and sustainable development.
The property is unmatched in location providing future residents with stunning views and easy access to the beachfront.
The design of this project will be finalized in conjunction with municipal and community input.


We recognize a massive undersupply in the housing market for the sunshine coast that the district is in need of options for the community that this project can provide


Construction with a focus on cost-effective energy conservation measures. We aim to embrace these measures that benefit both the present and future generations.


We provide opportunities for you to securely invest in real estate development with a minimim of $10,000 that is RSP and TFSA eligible.

Life on the Water

20 steps

to the boardwalk and ocean

2 mins

to grocery, public library, shopping, aquatic centre

25 mins

To Langdale Ferry Terminal for a 40 minute sailing to Horseshoe Bay

Become a real estate investor in one of BC’s best coastal communities.

You don’t need to be a landlord to be a real estate investor. With a minimum of $10,000 you can start your journey to expand your portfolio into land based investments. Investment options range up to 21%* options for annualized investor first returns.

About us

We are a boutique development company that provides real returns for our investing partners. Our projects range from contemporary single family home communities, to urban condominium projects, to resort projects in paradise.

Our team’s background as the largest condominium conversion group in Canada provides decades of experience in creating and managing communities across the country. Rather than leave rentals by our clients and homeowners to chance, we developed an optional program to ensure our homeowners lived in harmony rather than chaos. Rental housing is currently the most undersupplied real estate type in Canada, and is projected to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

We seek out emerging markets where we can acquire at a cost base that makes sense and develop projects the community truly needs. . We work closely with municipalities in addressing their housing needs while our projects deliver real returns. Our program serves communities with affordable and environmentally sustainable housing options that families can call home and community.

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*Every real estate investment and purchase involves some degree of risk. Our team does their best to mitigate risk through research, experience and the expertise of our contractors. Each project is independently owned and operated through specific partnerships. Any offering to invest or purchase are through filed offering memorandums (development partnerships) or filed disclosure statements (finished real estate). If you are interested in receiving information on any of our projects we look forward to providing these documents to you or your investment advisors and answering any questions you may have.